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Privacy Policy

The guarantee of confidentiality of the personal data of the users of our website is of maximum importance to Premier International Movers.


All the personal information relative to members, subscribers, clients or visitants that use our service(s) will be treated in agreement with the Law of Protection of Personal Data of October 26th of 1998 (Law no. 67/98).


Why this Privacy Policy?


This privacy policy exists because we intend to let our Clients and Users know the general rules of privacy and treatment of their personal data, that we retract and process in strict respect to the Law of Protection of Personal Data.


Premier respects the best practices in the domain of safety and in the protection of personal data, having for the effect approved a demanding program, capable of assuring the protection of data that is provided to us by all those that in a way are related to the company.


In this context, PREMIER has a Privacy Committee responsible for the implementation and verification of the Privacy Policy applicable to the Group as well as, by definition of clear rules of processing of personal data, assuring that everyone who trusts us the processing of their data, has knowledge of the way Premier Treats the data and which rights they have in that matter.


What does this Privacy Policy cover?


This Privacy Policy is applied exclusively to the collection and processing of personal data made by Premier International Movers.


What is personal data?


When we refer to personal data, we refer to any information, of any nature and independent of its respective support.


Sharing and disclosure of information


PREMIER doesn't rent, doesn't sell and doesn't share your personal information with other companies or people.


Confidentiality and safety


We limit the access to your personal information to our employees who, as we believe, may need them to exercise their functions. We have at our disposal resources of physical, electronic and procedural protection, which attend to international patterns of protection of personal data.



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