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National Moves

Although moving might seem like a gigantic task, it's just a matter of organization and small details. As such, try to start planning your move 30 days before. You will be surprised with how easy things will turn out to be.


To help you organize yourself, PREMIER suggests the following CHECKLIST:




4 to 6 weeks before the move:


1. Do an inventory. Decide what you will and will not take.


2. Decide what you will do with the things that you will not take. Donate to charity, store them...


3. Get packaging materials (PREMIER puts packaging kits at your disposal, contact us!).


4. Make the necessary contacts to unsubscribe to services such as: Newspaper subscriptions, Water, Electricity, Gas, etc.


5. Send postals communicating the change of address to the: Post Office, Social Security, Finances, Banks, Magazines, family and friends, a week before the move.


6. Defrost the freezer. Find a place for the frozen food. Clean the oven.


7. Remove the fuel from the lawnmowers and other equipments.


8. Remove the curtains, carpets, clothes and put them in the laundry.


The day of the move:


Remember to pack aside all the items you're going to need during the day (tools, papers, cleaning products, etc.). Check if you have the inventory with you. Check the house one last time and see if you locked the windows, emptied wardrobes, if the lights are off and the doors are locked.


Don't forget that you need to transfer all the services and contracts you're associated with.


Pay attention to the modifications of the following documents: ID, drivers license, vehicle's documents, passport and health-care card.


Communicate the modification of address to the several entities with which you could have a connection, for example: Bank institutions, Publications (of which you're a subscriber), Clubs/Associations, Employer Entity, Schooling Institutions, Courts (if you have an elapsing process), Syndicates or Associations you're affiliated with and the Post Office.




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