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International Moves

Good planning is fundamental for a smooth move. PREMIER helps you simplify the day of your move:




1. Update the evaluation of your goods for insurance.


2. Check if the curtains and the carpets need to be washed before they are transported to the new house.


3. Turn off the gas installations, washing and drying machines, hoods, lamps, antennas and air conditioners.


4. Put a warning "DON'T TAKE" in the objects that you want to leave.


5. Try to leave the objects in their proper places. That will make the packaging process easier.


6. Completely seal the medicine bottles and perfumes.


7. In case you can't be present, name someone you trust to follow the moving process.


8. One day before the move turn off the freezer and leave the doors open to avoid mold.


9. Check the voltage of your residence. Also check the type of plugs and TV systems.


10. Place the label PREMIER URGENT to point the objects that will be necessary immediately upon arrival at the destination.


11. Carefully follow the instructions of the PREMIER documents, to assure the speed in the customs liberation.


12. In order to avoid having to work in the kitchen in the day of the move, program a home delivery of meal or prepare a cold meal or a quick snack.


13. 30 days before the move, request the cancellation of services such as water, gas, electricity, TV, and others. Take into consideration the terms of resignation of these services may vary.


14. Take with you some items: passports, money, traveler's checks, ID, drivers license and other personal documents, car documents, insurance policy.


15. Warn PREMIER beforehand if you want to transport to another country the following items: jewels, historical item collections, alcoholic beverages, vehicles, firearms, animals, plants or foods.




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