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Frequently asked questions

PREMIER knows that, during a move, there are always last minute questions. As such, we facilitate the access to those answers for the most common situations.


National Moves:


- Does PREMIER have a wardrobe?


Yes, the clothe is carefully wrapped in a wardrobe with support to hangers, not being necessary to remove the clothe from its respective hangers.


- Does PREMIER wrap everything?


Yes, PREMIER wraps all the items, and also packs them when necessary.


- When PREMIER transports my items, are they covered by insurance?




- I have some special items. Does PREMIER pack these?


Yes, PREMIER packs all the items, even the most valuable and fragile, In these cases, PREMIER has proper materials for the packaging.


- I have a grand piano and it doesn't pass through the door. Can PREMIER transport it?


We will disassemble the items of big dimensions that can be disassembled. The remaining ones, if it's not possible to transport them through the door, will be taken from a window with the support of an external elevator.



International Moves:


1) From a foreign country to Portugal


- Can I take my car to Portugal?


Yes, as long as you take the proper documents with you.


- Can I take the computer and TV?


Yes, as long as they are already used and the number depends on the household.


- Can I have my goods moved to Portugal in more than one shipment, separately?


Yes, in fact some items can arrive by aerial transportation and the remaining ones by land.


- Can I move if my items come from different places?


Yes, as long as you prove you've lived in those places.


- How long does it take for my things to arrive after I arrive in Portugal?


For moves inside the space of the European Union there is no time limit. For moves outside the European Union space the maximum time is six months.


2) From Portugal to a foreign country


- Does PREMIER move to any country in the world?


Yes, PREMIER is prepared to transport your possessions to any country in the world.


- Does PREMIER take care of everything, from the packaging in Portugal to the delivery of my goods in another country?


Yes, PREMIER takes care of every detail.


How do I know what documents are needed for my possessions to be exported?


PREMIER will inform you of all the documents you need.





If you have any doubt about the current legislation or the necessary documents to make your move, contact us. Our Legal Department will analyze your questions to provide you the ideal solution.



Premier Tracking System:


What is the Premier Tracking System?


To improve the experience of its clients, PREMIER puts at its clients disposal a service which clients can access to see the status updates and phases of their move, namely the current location of their belongings and the estimated time left for the end of the process.


How do I access that service?


When the process of your move starts, PREMIER will send to your email a code. All you need to do is introduce that code in the search box of the Premier Tracking System page and press the Search button.


My move has already started but I still didn't receive any code to access the tracking system.


Please check the Spam box or the Trash bin of your email. If you don't find our email there with the access code, contact us.


I introduce my code but I receive an error message saying there were no results.


Try typing the code manually in the search box instead of copy/pasting from the email. If you still receive an error message, please contact us.



Premier Tracking System

Receive updates about the location of your goods.

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